One Seat Regional Ride Origin Story

The One Seat Regional Ride started as a pilot program in 2019. With so many passengers looking to paratransit to get to appointments and travel throughout the region, agencies were seeing exorbitant operational costs and multi-steps in cross-agency coordination; and for passengers, lengthy dwell times and complicated booking processes just to travel. East Bay agencies knew something had to be done to streamline paratransit service for our region. 

Agency Partnerships

County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, and LAVTA (Wheels) have a shared interest improving the customer experience and saving everyone time and money. Because One Seat is a streamlined, point-to-point service, passengers only pay one fare (versus 2-3 fares per transfer trips). On the operational side, agencies use fewer resources (vehicles, personnel, etc.) with One Seat than they did with transfer trips. With four agencies partnering, everyone wins.

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