Passenger Experience

One Seat Regional Ride has streamlined and expanded paratransit service across multiple service areas, so passengers only pay one fare (versus 2-3 fares per transfer trips) and get to where they’re going, faster. We care about your experience and our team is working to make travel for paratransit customers as easy as possible.

“The One Seat program has given me back my life. I feel secure, safe. It’s the next best thing to putting my key in the ignition and starting my own car.”

A. Pineda, passenger

“I am very pleased with the One Seat Program. I always arrive on time and cannot wait for a long period of time at the BART station. The One Seat Program eliminates many of my worries because I am dealing with one agency that transports me from point A to point B and is efficient and reliable.”

S. Diston, passenger

“The One Seat regional program is excellent. My client uses the service Monday through Friday to attend his adult day program in Concord. If the One Seat program were not available, it would be almost impossible for him to attend the adult day program due to his medical condition.”

Anonymous, caregiver

Shorter Wait Times

Know when you’ll be picked up and when you’ll arrive at your destination! Scheduling and tracking your One Seat Regional Ride makes for less wait time. That is, once you book your ride or if you are scheduling a repeat trip (one you’ve booked before), you can track your bus through the My Transit Manager app. Tracking your ride gives you, the passenger, the advantage. You’ll know when your ride will be arrive and when you will be dropped off. Tracking your ride takes the stress of guessing if you’ll make it to your appointment on time.