What’s One Seat Regional Ride?
East Bay transit agencies; County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, and LAVTA (Wheels) are making travel easier for paratransit riders. With the One Seat Regional Ride, point-to-point shared-ride paratransit service is direct so riders can travel further, faster, and without having to transfer buses at service area borders.

Who is eligible for One Seat?
All certified ADA paratransit passengers traveling within the 4 participating agency service areas are eligible.

What’s the difference between One Seat Regional Ride and other paratransit service?
One Seat Regional Ride is paratransit service for those who wish to travel beyond the service area in which they live. Other paratransit services are provided for trips within a single service area.

When should I use One Seat and when should I use my regular paratransit service?
If you are traveling between any of the four partnering agencies service areas (County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT, and LAVTA), you should book a One Seat Regional Ride. For example, if you live in Pinole (WestCAT ADA Paratransit service area) and wish to travel to Livermore (Wheels Dial-A-Ride service area), you can use One Seat. If you are traveling within your same service area, you should contact your home paratransit agency.

How do the agencies coordinate passengers’ reservations?
We have a single, One Seat Regional Ride phone number for passengers to call. Reservations are managed by County Connection and the One Seat Call Center arranges the trip and confirms with the customer. On the back end, each month, depending on where the trip originates and ends, the agencies settle any fees associated with a booked trip.

How does One Seat financially benefit passengers?
Because One Seat is a streamlined service, passengers only pay one fare (versus 2-3 fares per transfer trips).

How does One Seat financially benefit agencies?
One Seat brings down the overall operating costs to operate a paratransit service for each participating agency. For example, with a transfer trip, there could be 2-3 buses and 7-11 staff involved in booking and carrying out a single trip. With One Seat, there is only one bus and 2-3 staff involved in the booking and carrying out a single trip. One Seat has also decreased the operational cost through a reduction in dwell times as a result of eliminating the transfer points and their associated wait time. The total operating cost of One Seat is nearly half of what it cost to operate transfer trips.

How much does One Seat cost?
The cost will vary and depends on the fare charged by the participating agency’s paratransit fares. Your pickup location will determine which agency’s fare you will be charged. The reservationist will confirm the fare amounts with you prior to travelling. Fares must be paid in cash or tickets (if applicable) and in the exact amount. (Drivers do not carry change.)

What was the booking process before One Seat?
The ADA passenger would call their home agency within the regional transfer booking window (this window varies per agency – some agencies require 7 days in advance, some require 3 days in advance). The request would be forwarded to the second agency for booking. The second agency would book the trip, then fax the final times to the home agency, the home agency would then book the trip in their system according to the times the second agency provided. The times, and fare would then be communicated to the passenger. On the day of service, the passenger would be picked up by one vehicle, taken to a meet point, then transfer to another vehicle to be taken to their final destination. They would pay both drivers different fares according to the agency fare structure.

How does someone sign up for the program/make a reservation?
You’ll need to make sure you are ADA eligible and then you can book a reservation by calling 925-680-2134 or download/visit My Transit Manager app.

What is on the horizon for One Seat?
We’re wanting to grow organically and are looking to expand in time.

Who do I contact if I am unable to schedule a ride because my ADA paratransit eligibility is not up to date?
In order to schedule a ride with One Seat, a passenger must be currently certified to ride as an ADA Paratransit Passenger. Please contact your home agency to update your eligibility.